Thursday, September 24, 2009

As I Sit Here

So, yeah. I wrote this a little while ago when I decided to take a break on my way back home from school one evening to watch the sunset. I think that it is about how sometimes it feels like time is passing you by, and you are just sitting there, watching, listening, smelling, crying, fearing, and praying.


As I sit here, on top of this newly landscaped hillside, the car next to me occasionally popping as it cools, the smell of solder lingering around me (left over from a long day at work), the orange sun setting across the smoke filled valley.

As I sit here, on the edge of a parking lot, watching the dragonflies fly their acrobatic dogfights, hearing traffic travel a barely visible road and birds chirping in the trees, seeing people in a studio below dancing.

As I sit here, one week from my last day at work, two months from goodbyes to friends I may never see again, two and a half years from my next class.

As I sit here, holding back tears, remembering the good times, holding back fears, scared and excited for the future.

As I sit here.

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